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November 16, 2018

Anthony Janiec is Double French Champion under the Lion Truck Racing colours !

Anthony Janiec wins his 2nd French Champion title at the end of this 6th round of the French Championship on the Albi Circuit with an 8.6 point lead over Thomas Robineau (Team Robineau).


The least we can say is that the suspense will have been preserved until the end of this Championship. The Lion Truck Racing driver has been relentless throughout the season to seek this title and make up for the points lost at Castellet due to a technical problem on his truck. He made a progressive comeback in the overall standings and finished the French Championship at the top of the FFSA ranking with a total of 21 podiums including 13 victories. 


Anthony Janiec therefore offered this weekend a 4th title in the team's ranking after the German driver Steffi Halm in 2012 and 2013, and himself in 2017. 


The young hopeful of the Téo Calvet team (17 years old) closed his first participation in the FFSA French Championship in 4th position with 6 podiums overall, 11 victories out of 12 in the Espoirs category and 13 points ahead of his rival on the track, Polish rider Gregory Ostaszewski (Team 14). 


The team's mechanics are not to be outdone, the Lion Truck Racing colours also shone in mechanics thanks to the victory of Cyril Labadie and Bruno Mosnier.