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June 18, 2016

Dear supporters and fans

Many of you have wondered why Anthony didn't make it to the podium when he finished the last race in 3rd position...
At the start of this race, Eduardo Rodrigues' truck in pole position was travelling at over 70 km/h (the maximum speed before the start) and the other drivers followed his pace. The FIA stewards had the information but made no decision during the 11 laps of the race.

Anthony had a great race and crossed the finish line in 3rd position.

During the lap of honour, after all the trucks had crossed the finish line, the FIA decided to penalize Anthony by one minute and downgraded him from 3rd to last place, which deprived him of the podium. immediately after the podium, the FIA also penalized 5 other drivers: Rodrigues, Lohr, Lenz, Reinert and Halm who climbed on the podium when she is really 6th. The FIA ranked us 5th in this race, we lose 2 places in the ranking.

No matter what the penalty and how it was orchestrated, our greatest victory this weekend was you
- it was the yellow one in the stands
- To hear your encouragement and applause for Anthony and Jean-Claude
- To meet our supporters in the paddock

All this we shared with you is much more important than the podium - Long live the sport, thanks to the Nogaro circuit for this beautiful Grand Prix and thanks to the 40 000 spectators!