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September 07, 2020

Anthony Janiec and Lion Truck Racing on top of the podium in Nogaro


After a day of private testing on Friday, the serious things really start on Saturday. Two free practice sessions allow the reigning French Champion to take the measure of the Gers track. This first session is very positive with the second and third fastest times at the wheel of the MAN N.1.


On the strength of this good pace, Anthony Janiec set off on the stopwatch and clocked the best time in Q1 in 1:55.620 but finished 3rd in the Super Pole in preparation for the first race. Anthony started from the second row of the starting grid with the knife between his teeth. The beginning of the race was marked by two neutralisations, including a red flag due to an accident involving several trucks. At the restart, Anthony tries to get rid of Adam Lacko, who has been invited this week-end. The latter doesn't want to give in and pushes the triple French Champion out of the race, who has to retire after this unsportsmanlike manoeuvre that has been penalized by a disqualification. 


Thanks to the very good work of the Lion Truck Racing mechanics, the MAN is in good shape for the start of the second race. At the back of the grid, Anthony Janiec doesn't lose a second to begin his comeback. Turn after turn, lap after lap, he progresses in the hierarchy. Anthony offers himself a fantastic victory with a very special flavour!


This fruitful Saturday pushes the whole team and his driver to continue on this momentum on Sunday. Sunday's qualifications are once again dominated by Anthony Janiec, pushing the competition back by nearly a second. He then competed in the Super Pole at the end of which he finished 2nd, on the front row for race 2. Anthony takes a good start but is cut in his momentum by a neutralization after the first lap. On the restart, the MAN N.1 driver is still 2nd but he is not mistaken in his objective. As the leader is transparent in the championship, Anthony has to keep the 2nd place, which has a victory value in terms of points. The contract is perfectly fulfilled for the Lion Truck Racing driver who pockets the 20 points of victory!


The grid for the fourth and final race is established with the reverse positions of the previous race's standings. Anthony Janiec thus starts from 7th position. From the very first corners, the Lion Truck Racing driver gains two places and enters the top 5. Despite his impressive pace and the third best lap in the race, he doesn't manage to get rid of the riders in front of him and crosses the finish line in 5th position, but is well placed in 4th.


Icing on the cake, the two mechanics Bruno Mosnier and Alexandre Damien take the victory in the mechanics race of Sunday. 


This first week-end in the French Truck Championship has been a success for Lion Truck Racing and Anthony Janiec. The whole team managed to remobilize after the disillusion of the first race but Anthony responded in the best way, on the track.


This first weekend in the French Truck Championship without Patrick was complicated. A complicated first race after the crash I was victim of in spite of myself. The fight promises to be fierce and we will continue to fight to keep our title. We are now concentrated on the next round in Albi where we will do everything we can to reduce the gap to the championship. I would like to thank the whole team for the exceptional work done this weekend. They had to refurbish the truck several times and showed that they were one of the best teams on the grid. It is thanks to them that we were able to sign these great results.”

Anthony Janiec, Lion Truck Racing driver.


« In race 1, our driver could not avoid the incident. Adam Lacko had an unreasonable driving style that caused us to go off the track twice, with one last time in the wall, all this in order to make his team-mate win. This unsportsmanlike conduct was recognized by the officials and the driver was excluded. Injured, the Lion got up! The team did a great job to repair and restart race 2 during which Anthony went to the back of the grid, overtook all his competitors and won the race! That's the Lion Truck Racing spirit: to have a sporting attitude, to be united and determined whatever happens. »

Jonathan André, Lion Truck Racing team manager.


"First French championship race, a real challenge full of emotion to come back to the circuit of Nogaro on this extraordinary year.


The weekend was intense, and despite some hard knocks right from the first race, the Lion Truck team showed an unfailing team spirit and an exemplary investment.

Everyone in their place, in their performance to serve the team's objective. So how can we not salute the talent of the mechanics driven by Pascal Calas to repair the truck in record time between races 1 and 2 and give all the performances back?  Of this challenge, how not to vibrate in front of Anthony's results who has the second race offers a spectacular comeback and a first place? How not to feel fully invested when our Team Manager analyses and justifiably defends our justified positions in claims? How can we not feel proud when the mechanics climb on the first step of the podium in mechanical events?  How can you not smile when one of your partners tells you "I get shivers all over when I see this race" and thanks you for the emotion? 

Each team member has done his or her part, and much more!

To everyone: Bravo! The Lion is strong and valiant! I am so proud to live and to see such team cohesion!


Thank you to our partners, for whom we are happy and invested to defend the colours!

Thank you to Caroline Divies and her teams for organising this event despite the health constraints and the hazards of the period. »

Maryline Folleas - CEO Lion Truck Racing