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July 21, 2019

A very competitive Nürburgring Grand Prix for the Lions

With 124,000 spectators and a maximum of partners, the Nürburgring is the most contested round of the European Championship (FIA ETRC). The 25 drivers entered the race to score a maximum of points and the two Lion Truck Racing pilots paid the price in spite of themselves.


Anthony Janiec challenged with the European Top 10 finishing eighth in race 1, which gave him pole position at the start of the next race. While he was in the lead pack, he was struck by Norbert Kiss, then Shane Brereton which forced him to abandon. The Lion Truck Racing driver was able to start again on Sunday morning and returned to the top 10 qualifiers for the Super Pole. A second collision on the first corner at the start of race 3 made him lose places, but he finished 10th on the last race of the GP and scored new points this weekend.

« We arrived at the Nürburgring with the ambition to get on the podium like last year, we knew we could defend a very good place. Unfortunately it was complicated, we had many opportunities that were not enough. However, we remain confident, the Super Pole 2 has confirmed the fact that we have our place in the top 10. We look forward to Most, we will enjoy the summer break to return more determined than ever. We will have things to play for sure, I clearly aim to go back to the top 6 in Europe.” Anthony JANIEC.

Téo Calvet was also the victim of several clashes on the races 1 and 3 but he knew each time back on the track and overcome one by one its competitors to finish in 14th position. The young driver finished 12th in race 2 and twice achieved faster times than ex. French Champion, Thomas Robineau. He closed the Grand Prix in style with a GRAMMER CUP podium in 13th place on race 4.

I'm happy with my weekend despite the fact that it was rather difficult on the first three races. Fortunately I close the Nürburgring with a podium and I also feel that I have progressed since my 1st participation last year. » Téo CALVET.


After an intense weekend at the Nürburgring, fortunately without much damage, the team will take advantage of the summer break to recharge the batteries before the GP Trucks of Most (Czech Republic) on August 31st and September 1st.


Download here the press release.