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2017 ETRC

14/05 Red Bull Ring
28/05 Misano
02/07 Nürburgring
16/07 Slovakiaring
27/08 Hungaroring
03/09 Most
17/09 Zolder
24/09 Le Mans
08/10 Jarama

2017 French Championship

13-14/05/2017: Charade
03-04/06/2017: Le Castellet
24-25/06/2017: Nogaro
23-24/09/2017: Le Mans
14-15/10/2017: Albi


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French Cup overall standings Print E-mail

2017 French Cup provisional overall standings

1. Anthony Janiec 66
2. Thomas Robineau 51
3. José Teodosio 49
4. Lionel Montagne 28
5. Chatelain Patrick 26
6. Franck Conti 24
7. Louis Méric 23
8. Vincent Crouzade 17
9. Stéphane Languillat 16
10. José Sousa 16
11. Gregory Ostaszewski 15
12. Jean-Charles Mauri 14
13. Aurélien Hergott 11
14. Florian Orsini 9
15. Martial Defaye 7
16. Sébastien Descoffres 7
17. Kevin Bassanelli 6
18. Patrice Lacouve 5



Next round Le Mans Truck Grand Prix Print E-mail

Next round Le Mans Truck Grand Prix 


horaires 24hcamions 2018

Successful return for Anthony Janiec who is getting closer to the top of the FFSA general classification. Print E-mail

Successful return for Anthony Janiec who is getting closer to the top of the FFSA general classification.


More determined than ever to retain his title of Champion of France, Anthony Janiec took 3 points over his rival Thomas Robineau (Team Robineau) after the Charade Truck Grand Prix with 4 podiums including 2 victories.


The tone was given from the 1st Superpole while the Lion Truck Racing driver finished only 178 thousandth seconds behind Thomas Robineau. Anthony then dominated the weekend's races, winning races 2 and 3. Starting 5th in race 2, he showed his talent by doubling the four riders ahead of him in one lap. A feat when you know the layout of the Circuit de Charade! Anthony continued on his way on Sunday by signing the pole position he managed to defend brilliantly throughout the race 2 leaving no possible opening to his opponents. Starting 6th in Race 4, he finished 2nd in the wheel of Lionel Montagne (Team Aravi). Anthony has won 61 points in the FFSA general standings and he remains in 2nd position.


Téo Calvet remains steady since the beginning of the season and confirms his potential with good times. Author of two perfectly mastered races, he stayed in the Top 5 at the end of races 1 (5th) and 2 (4th). Téo finished at the foot of the podium of the 2nd race in front of Gregory Ostascewski (Team 14). Following a mechanical problem during the Warm up, the Lion Truck Racing team's hope driver hit a wall of the Charade Circuit and was unable to resume the races. More fear than harm, the truck suffered the shock and the young driver did not get hurt. His determination is not tainted so far, it expects to redouble efforts in the last two rounds of the Championship at Le Mans (Sept 29 & 30) and Albi (October 13 and 14) to regain his place in the Top 3. Téo has gained 22 points in the FFSA general classification and is in 4th position.


Mechanics made also an excellent performance with a victory in the mechanical contest, which completes the list of the team.



The 2 Lion Truck Racing drivers remain in the Top 3. Print E-mail

The 2 Lion Truck Racing drivers remain in the Top 3.


With 2 victories and 5 podiums, Anthony Janiec and Téo Calvet remain in the Top 3 of the FFSA general classification at the end of the 3rd round of the French Truck Championship in Magny-Cours. Hats off to the team mechanics who once again shone in the mechanical test and won 3rd place!


Anthony Janiec announced the color on Saturday with a pole position on race 1 where he finished 2nd. Starting in the fourth row on race 2, the Lion Truck Racing driver quickly took the lead in the first lap to win his first victory in the third round of the Championship. Anthony Janiec, Thomas Robineau and Lionel Montagne were all penalized for Sunday's qualifying. They left in the middle of the pack at the start of race 3 but only four laps to Anthony to go up in front of Thomas Robineau and afford the victory. Anthony wins 59 points and remains 2nd overall in the FFSA mid-season.


Téo Calvet finished race 1 at the foot of the podium after a tough race in the fight with Lionel Montagne with very encouraging times. Following a clash with Yorick Montagne, the young driver was forced to retire on race 2 while he had finished all the races of the season in the Top 5. This did not stop him to sign the first pole position of his career for race 3 at the end of Sunday's superpole. Téo fought brilliantly for the 2nd place he kept until the 7th lap and finished 3rd on the podium behind Anthony Janiec and Thomas Robineau. He crossed the finish line of race 4 in 5th position with a flat left rear tire that prevented him from reaching for the podium. He won 35 points and remains 3rd in the FFSA general classification. 

After this encouraging start to the season, the summer break will allow the team to work on the trucks to return even more successful in Charade on September the 1st and 2d.





Copyright photos : A. & W. Bartscher - X. Martin

1ère victoire d'Anthony Janiec en ETRC au Nurburgring Print E-mail

Anthony Janiec won his first victory in the FIA ​​European Championship at the Nürburgring!


The Marseillaise resonated on Sunday at the Nürburgring after a race 4 perfectly led by Anthony Janiec. It ends 18 years during which the French anthem had not sounded in competition trucks on the German circuit following the victory of Noël Crozier in 2000.


Anthony Janiec won the Graal for all drivers in the competition: a Nürburgring victory in front of 118,000 spectators and against the European top teams!


The Lion Truck Racing driver defended his pole position in race 4 during the 13 laps against Gerd Körber, Adam Lacko and André Kursim, alternately attacking in his wheels. He has won 17 FIA points and is in 10th place with only 50% of European races played since the start of the season.


Téo Calvet has now built his name in the European paddock by his maturity and performance in the race for his first rounds of European Championships. At the age of 17, he is the youngest race driver to be on the podium of the FIA ​​European Championship with a 3rd place in the GRAMMER Truck Cup on race 2.


The Lion Truck Racing team shined this weekend in the European Championship thanks to its two pilots, authors of remarkable and remarkable performances.



Copyright photos : A. & W. Bartscher - X. Martin

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