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Lion Truck Racing

2017 ETRC

14/05 Red Bull Ring
28/05 Misano
02/07 Nürburgring
16/07 Slovakiaring
27/08 Hungaroring
03/09 Most
17/09 Zolder
24/09 Le Mans
08/10 Jarama

2017 French Championship

13-14/05/2017: Charade
03-04/06/2017: Le Castellet
24-25/06/2017: Nogaro
23-24/09/2017: Le Mans
14-15/10/2017: Albi


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European Truck Racing Championship

The European Truck Racing Championship is organised by the FIA. It includes a 9 scheduled events calendar and takes place on the most prestigious European tracks in 8 different countries.

Each race weekend consists of a total of 4 races:


Timed Practice
Race 1
Race 2

Timed Practice
Race 3
Race 4

At the first race of each day, the drivers are able to accomplish more points, since the starting grid of the first eight positions is reversed in the second and fourth race. The winner of the first race consequently starts the second from eighth position on the grid, the second-ranked from seventh position, and so on.

This so-called reversed grid ensures a spectacular race with a great deal of action and is thus very beloved among the fans!


The races are started with a so-called flying start following the inaugural lap. Due to the enormous power of 1100 HP and the weight of 5.3 tons, the top speed is limited to 160 kilometers per hour. Whoever exceeds this limit must expect severe penalties or even disqualification for overspeeding.

The current speed record of a race truck is 300 kilometers per hour.


For the safety of the pilots, the race trucks are equipped with roll cages and safety belts, race-diver clothing and the “HANS system” (Head and Neck Support system) are checked carefully.


Points system:


Rank Races 1 and 3 Races 2 and 4
1 20 10
2 15 9
3 12 8
4 10 7
5 8 6
6 6 5
7 4 4
8 3 3
9 2 2
10 1 1





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